Monica S. Kuebler (strange) wrote,
Monica S. Kuebler

Time Management in a Time of No Time

It occurs to me that August is perhaps the worst month possible for me to have chosen to launch a writing blog. Why? Because I'm so busy with writing/editing related projects (namely, the Rue Morgue Halloween issue and Burning Effigy fall production) at this time of year that keeping a blog could be seen as willful masochism. But then again, this is the stuff that real life is made of. Making time where there is none. Balancing that which seemingly can not be balanced.

On the novel front things have slowed down a tad, but I have used this hectic time to work on developing my main character's back story - particularly those things that happened to him in the two years before the novel takes place. Some of this stuff will be reflected back on in the book, but a lot of it is just to help me make him a realistic character with realistic motivations. I find it interesting that I actually use a lot of the character development tricks I learned when I was studying theatre to flesh out people for the page. Thing is, once you know some things about your character's life, it is easier to know how he/she would possibly react to certain situations later and why. Simply put, "Why?" is always the most important question for me. Because if the "why" isn't believable, why would anything else be?

As far as Burning Effigy stuff goes, I'm deep in editing mode. Fall announcements begin next week, with the Call for Submissions for the second FRESH BLOOD anthology going out shortly thereafter. I'm so behind on my slush pile readings, the thing is in danger of toppling and burying me. I suspect this weekend I'm going to divide everything up into two piles (solicited and unsolicited) then get a couple of our awesome pre-readers to do a bit of story screening for me. I'd love to read everything myself, but I'm only one person, one person with a day job and a novel on the go and multiple novellas to edit and layout for publication. What was that I was saying about willful masochism?

Lastly, earlier this week I got tapped for a really freakin' cool project. It's something I've wanted to do for a while now and would allow me to scratch yet another goal off my lifetime to-do list. I can't really talk about it yet, but to say I'm excited would be a serious understatement. It's nice when you know the direction you want to go in and the universe unexpectedly provides the opportunities to allow that to happen.

I'm also writing the November cover story for Rue Morgue and the Dec/Jan cover story for Access magazine.

To quote the REM song, "I don't sleep I dream."

Tags: access, burning effigy, rue morgue, the cold ones, time management, writing
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