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A Strange Life

(the story of one girl in the world)

Monica S. Kuebler
3 March
Once upon a time (in my early to mid-20s) I had this stupid idea of wanting to lead a public life as an experiment. Let's just say I grew out of that. That said, this journal is mostly friends only (well the most interesting bits anyway). It's existed for almost NINE years. And the best way to get me to add you is to add me, but let me warn you I am not always quick.

(*** photograph and design of above image by Tarak Sillini ***)

So what do you need to know about me? I am a Toronto-based writer and spoken word artist. I am the author of four chapbooks (A Journey Into Chaos... or two weeks of silence, Legacy (and other short fictions), Bruises on the Inside, and the sound of one girl screaming) and the co-author of one full-length poetry collection, Some Words Spoken. I spend my days working as Associate Editor/Webmistress at Rue Morgue Magazine and my nights running my own small press, Burning Effigy Press.


I am a self-confessed internet junkie, tech-whore, knitting fiend, and genre lit addict. An artist at heart, I am always looking for new ways to capture the act and passion of living. I'm a liberal, which means I'm pro-gay marriage, pro-equality, pro-choice, anti-war and all the rest of that progressive stuff (and I am not afraid to run my mouth off about any of it). Someone once called me an idiot and a disillusioned idealist for writing political poetry and wanting to change the world. I say "bring it it on", at least I am working toward the positive. I consider myself very spiritual (though not in the Christian kind of way) and look at my entire life as a happy little work in progress.

I'm also an avid gamer, primarily offline, but you can find me in some of these free, online places - usually under the pseudonym Alyxzia, if you want to join me on a campaign or two:

Immortal Night Vampire Game

My WORLD OF WARCRAFT guild, Tokyo Gore Police, is also recruiting on the Exodar server. Drop me a line if you are interested in learning more. Happy hunting!

I am married to a wonderful man, so if you're only here looking for a lay, please move along. Otherwise, pull up a seat, pop a Pepsi and say hello. After all, we're all in this so-called adventure called "life" together.